It is specific to the kind of agreement we have. However, 315WA allows you not only to book meeting rooms at other locations but also get access to printers, Wi-Fi and the fuel bar.

Feel free to walk into any of the 315WA centres. But we suggest you schedule a visit with us either by calling us on: +91 88844 65607 or mailing us on:

The lock-in period can vary anytime from 12 months to 60 months based on the agreement.

The documents needed for the membership are company incorporation letter, Authorised person Pan card, company Pan card, GST certificate, identity proof of the POC and AOA.

Yes, you can customize your work space to resonate with your brand aesthetics and ethos.

Yes, we do provide parking.

We provide a host of facilities like superfast internet, VMS, IFM, events and engagements, procurement services, common zone and a cafeteria.

Please call us or write to us and we’d be more than willing to run you through our packages.

Yes, please call us for more details on the same.

Yes, we do provide the provision of expansion based on your requirement.

We have two payment options; cheque and bank transfer.

The termination policies are tailor made, based on the deal we have agreed upon.

The fee is the security deposit, based on the number of seats that need to be blocked.

Yes. We are ISO certified in health and safety.

No, but we do have tie up with Kara4Kids which is in the vicinity of our office spaces.

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