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Are you looking for coworking space in Bangalore? 315 Work Avenue is here to help you with the best of options that will benefit you and your business in every which way. We have the best in-house to understand your business needs and approach to get you the ideal space for your work. So, reach out to our team and find yourself the best location to work, grow, and succeed.

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Finding Network Oriented Location

When you are looking for a coworking space in Bangalore, you will always want the address of it near to your target audience. This will cer- tainly help you in getting the results you have in your mind. We are here to help you with the same. Our team will assess every single aspect and accordingly will help you with the best coworking space in Bangalore that will help you connect with your audience a lot more.

In Bangalore, it has been seen that Infantry Road is one of the primary locations for businesses to grow. You will have easy access to restau- rants, shopping centers, malls, and multiplexes. This means you are right at the center of this beautiful city. So, if you would like to have your shared office space at this location, we are here to assist you with it. We will ensure that it gives you the results you have in your vision.

Why 315 Work Avenue?

With us, you will have all the bases covered as per your specific needs. We have worked with a wide range of industries to bring a stress-free work-life approach. So, there is a lot of advantages coming your way with our assistance of helping you get the ideal shared office space in Bangalore. Our solutions will help you boost your networking and grow quickly. This is why you must not make it late and consider connecting with our experts now. We will assess all your specifications and help you get the best shared office space for rent in Bangalore.

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Lifestyle Benefits and Customized Amenities

When you are looking for office space for rent in Bangalore, we will help you with the same that perfectly matches your vision. We will understand your business culture and approach and accordingly find the office that has the ideal range of amenities to offer. From terrace cafes, air-conditioning, to 24/7 accessibility, security, and maintenance, everything will be covered.

You can completely focus on your work as we will take care of every single aspect related to your business. You will not have to worry about housekeeping and other financial aspects as well. We will ensure that space is infused with the best technological advancements that will help you work on your services without any hassle. So, all the bases will be covered that will assist you to deliver your work convincingly.

The future of working is already here

Our offerings are crafted to suit your needs in every way. Premium office spaces with absolute freedom of customization and flexible lock-in periods. Yes, your perfect choice is just a click away!

Events Space

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Team Size:
1 - 10 Employees
Lock-in Period:
1 - 12 months

Enterprise Office

Lock-in Period:
36 - 60 months

Private Offices

Lock-in Period:
24+ Months

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Shyam Krishna Hareendranath
Shyam Krishna Hareendranath
Sr. Finance Controller at Operative India Pvt. Ltd
Hi 315 Team It’s my pleasure to share the experience we have had so far interacting on our Bangalore as well as Pune Office spaces. Operative has been based out of Bangalore for the last 10 plus years as we grew over the last decade, we moved offices around 3 times and partnered with various managed office service providers. This time we wanted to ensure we select the Office keeping in view the new ways of  working. The design of the office space needed to have more collaborative areas, meeting rooms and informal meeting making the office a collaborative , fun and dynamic place to work. We also wanted to make sure that the office maintenance and the user experience is good and hazel free. The 315 team understood our requirements and was able to capture our workspace requirements and impressed us with the office designs. We were delighted to see the 3D office design translate and manifest into the real office space and the end outcome was exactly what was promised and envisioned within the stipulated timelines. This encouraged us to work further with 315 for our Bangalore office requirements and we are looking forward to a similar experience in Pune as well. We thank the 315 team for the office space and we look forward to having a similar wonderful user experience in the years to come.
Ravi Singh
Managing Director
I wanted to take this opportunity and thank the 315Work Avenue team for taking care of the premises during the lockdown phase. Imperative facilities and services such as cleanliness, security, and hygiene have been up to the mark and that has made a great impact on our decision to bring back our employees to the office safely. Thank you for all your assistance and kudos to the entire team
VP of R & D, and Managing Director, India. ASOCS.
It was very important for us to be present in multiple locations and to have a strong network of influencers. Thanks to 315Work Avenue, organizing community events takes very little of our bandwidth, helping us meet our challenges much better.
On behalf of the entire Promolta team, I'd like to mention that the services provided by the 315Work Avenue faculty at this center have been beyond expectations. Imperative facilities such as Internet connections, cleanliness, security and hygiene have been up to the mark and we do not have any remarks as such. Thank you for all your assistance and kudos to the entire team.
Sharath Yalla
Associate VP, Administration, Facilities & Legal
INSOFE’s expertise in Big data needs us to have a presence across multiple locations & access to community events for networking! Thanks to 315Work Avenue, that required the least of our attention & allowed us to improve the quality of our product!
Rony John
CEO, Blueprint Technologies
A business that supports IT functions like Blueprint Technologies needs a strong backbone to be successful. And our backbone is our employees, which is why my mind is at ease when we work out of 315Work Avenue The health and safety standards here are world-class, just like our product!
Harsh Pokharna
Harsh Pokharna
Co-Founder and CEO of OKCredit
OK Credit's success is primarily due to the amount of care we take while customizing our solutions for clients which is why the custom modifications they offer here to make our workspace brighter is a big plus for me!
Bharath Joshi
Co-founder and CPO of Vunet, based at 315Work Avenue
Skepticism for our AI-driven product was high when we launched. But, the belief in our work, our vision & the hassle-free nature of the workspace here helped make Vunet, as successful as it is today!
Anjit Anand
Anjit Anand
COO at Promolta
At Promolta, we are passionate about helping great content get discovered. So, it was very important for us to be present in multiple locations and to have a strong network of influencers. Thanks to 315Work Avenue, organizing community events takes very little of our bandwidth, helping us improve the quality of our service!
Hemalatha Karveti
Hemalatha Karveti
COO of Pluto7
Pluto 7’s focus is on accelerating Digital transformation by boosting human creativity. In our line of work, we encourage debates and different opinions. Having people of different demographics all in one place, like at 315Work Avenue, helps make our work, much, much easier!

Flexibility And Within Budget

While looking for shared office space in Bangalore, you might have a budget in mind. If you are unable to find the place that fits your pocket then let our experts take the responsibility for you. We will help you with the strategy that perfectly fits your pockets. We have already served a wide range of business sectors with their specific needs of coworking space in Bangalore.

So, you can trust us whether you need a private office space or a dedi- cated desk in Bangalore within a fixed budget. We will search for you ac- cordingly. You can be certain that with us, you will be getting office space that perfectly matches your business needs and also doesn’t put any pressure on your pockets.

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